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Lepidoptera Exotica, or Descriptions and Illustrations of Exotic Lepidoptera. 1869-1874 / by Arthur Gardiner Butler. on Flickr.

Publication info London :E.W. Janson,1874.
BHL Collections:
Smithsonian Libraries

Is it strange that I am a little bit creeped out by butterflies?



My bread baking bone breaking badass for Jenn Woodall’s FIGHT! zine!
Because nothing beats some hot ‘n crusty bread.

I made the gif just for kicks, but it’s wonky in places because it took waaaay longer than I planned for and I had to stop! Overall though, this has been probably one of the funnest pieces for me to draw. Definitely influenced by my everlasting love of Kiki’s Delivery Service & not-so-secret desire to live in a bakery. I wanna do more food-themed fighters!

Prints available from my Inprnt store.

Now this is just amazing.

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It’s been 6 generations and this guy is still tripping balls over science and technology. 

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Parrotlet vs Cup - Video 

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Is it too soon to share another awesomely creative piece of furniture? No way! This one-of-a-kind insectoid armoire is called the BUG and it was designed Latvian designer Janis Straupe of True Latvia. Full of customizable shelves, drawers, cubbies and even a few secret compartments, it’s a beautifully functional piece of furniture as well as an amazing work of art.

Click here to learn more about the BUG and its myriad features.

If only Kafka could’ve see this…

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My bonnet collection

・Steampunk bonnet → Handmade [ of Rizzell ]
・Velveteen Green bonnet →
Handmade [ of Rizzell ]
・Gold Tassel bonnet →
Handmade [ of Rizzell ]
traw bonnet → Handmade [ of Rizzell ]
・Wine red bonnet → Triple fortune
urgundy and White bonnet → Mrs. Parker’s Millinery and Mercantile


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A papercut collage illustration of Usagi made in celebration of Sailor Moon Crystal and the re-release of the original anime series :)
Photo taken by the amazing and sweet Katie B & please view it at high res!
Detail shot & progress pictures

Tiny Lion Terrorizes Suburban Neighborhood
Residents of Morton Grove, IL have locked themselves in their homes after hearing reports of a lion roaming the streets of the normally quiet suburb.
"It’s not clear if this is a wild animal or an escaped cat from a nearby zoo or circus," says Officer Donald Kelly at the county sheriff’s office. "One thing’s for certain — he is ferocious, and people should not venture out into the street until he’s caught."
A few daring locals have captured photographs of the beast.
"He’s a lot smaller than I thought," says Brenda Walsh, who snapped the pic above. "I mean, I probably could have scooped him right up. But, it’s probably best to leave that to the authorities."
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Love animals as much as we do? Check out explore.org's network of live puppy and kitten cameras.

Slowly replacing the negative thoughts with colors and beautiful things.

 “The Little Red Wolf” will be released very soon ! (june 27 ) The project began 4 years ago, and change al lot since the first sketches  Here a new illustration of the book, and the old version ^^


Little Boiled Egg

猫のお尻フリフリをGIFでください。 :カラパイアlivedoor.biz




ok so that cat has the voice of like, George Clooney or something and is a smart street cat who knows everyone and everything. And the bunny is one that escaped from a back yard a while back, and his owners never bothered to try and find him and is voiced by Stephen Fry, and they help eachother out- Bunny distracts humans, Cat steals food, and that’s how they do.

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